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It’s our mission to expand access to excellent continuing education for non-physician professionals in cardiac care. COVID-19 has made that a short-term challenge, but professionals still need education. We can help each other.

Our new platform has awesome power to showcase your content within required educational modules and engage users with videos, quizzes, and more. Make a difference – support professionals during this pandemic, and exhibit your products and services to a hyper-specific audience that matters.

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The new & improved CVCEU


Our new CVCEU platform has not only improved the user experienced and increased our monthly unique users, but it also has incredible power to showcase your content and engage that audience – a hyper-specific group of non-physician cardiovascular professionals who are often the end-users and buyers of your products and services.

About ACVP & Our Network

The Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals is the only professional organization catering specifically to the non-physician professionals, administrators, directors and leaders who are often the most influential customers and end-users of your products.

Our members are current and future leaders in cardiovascular services. ACVP is committed to enhancing and supporting our members’ professional growth, and they make it their mission to stay current on trends in treatment and technology, especially where it impacts quality and the bottom line.

Not only can we offer our supplier partners direct access to the front-line professionals, end-users and influential product evaluators, we’ve also got the
decision-makers. ACVP’s network includes over 1000+ director-level professionals with responsibility for the CV service line.


A Partnership, not Sponsorship

Unlike the other guys, we’re not looking to just cash your check. We understand your value as much as our own, and we want to build a meaningful partnership with you which can deliver growth to both our organizations and positively impact quality cardiovascular care.

We’ve built our new platform for engaging possibilities – and we want to use it to showcase your best content, engage our audience, and really provide a meaningful learning experience. The user experience will also cultivate real consumer attention and knowledge of your products and services. We think this might be the best way to engage your current and future buyers.

Request more information or start a conversation with our executive director, Peggy McElgunn, at peggymcelgunn@comcast.net or 804.639.9213.

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